Chapter #2 - New Life

The happiest day of 2021

This one is going to be a quick update. Because, really, my time just got even more limited than it had already been before.

On September 3rd, my beautiful wife and I welcomed our little daughter into the world. Last year was a tragic one with the loss of a child. We’re overflowing with joy that we have our little girl in our arms now.

Everything went perfectly. And I mean really perfect. Birth couldn’t have been better. No drama, nothing unexpected. Labor “only“ took about 2.5 hours. And we were able to take the baby home in the evening of the same day.

As a consequence of that, I haven’t been able to write or fulfill my editor duties on Medium for the publications “The Shortform” and “Thoughts and Ideas”. But I will try to pick up the pace again soon.

For now, I’m enjoying my time with the little one, her older brothers, and my beautiful wife.

Take care,

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